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An Ideological Tour Of UI

  Title: Useless Manifesto 


[NOTE: Ideological links are currently being revised - ed.]

001.000.000 Intentions

"All art is propaganda...
if it isn't it's useless." - W.E.B. Dubois

001.001.000 Life is Art - To Discover Art In Everything

  • 001.001.001 Beauty is where you bump and grind it - Industrial Art Forms
001.002.000 This Sucks - To Challenge Conventions 
  • 001.002.001 Forms and Institutions of Business and Industry
    001.002.002 Forms of Advertising and Mind Control
    001.002.003 Artists and the Art Industry
    001.002.004 Writers and the Print Media Industry 

001.003.000 Are We Having Fun Yet? Defend The Right To Slack

  • 001.003.001 Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class
    001.003.002 I'm Not On The Clock Yet
    001.003.003 Don't Ask Me... I Only Work Here
001.004.000 Know Thyself - To Create Name Recognition

002.000.000 Principles of Action

"By any means necessary." - Anonymous

002.001.000 This Doesn't Make Any Sense - Contradiction

002.002.000 That's Funny! - Humor 002.003.000 This Really Means Something Else - Irony
  • 002.003.001 Let's Try To Look Beneath The Surface
  • 002.004.000 It's Strange That These Should Meet - Juxtaposition
    002.005.000 This Is Absurd - Paradox
    002.006.000 This Is Shaking My Foundations - Subversion

003.000.000 Motives

"To have a good time...
all the time!" - Viv Savage - Spinal Tap
    003.001.000 The Best Reason Is No Reason (For Nothing)
    003.002.000 Would You Mind Picking Up The Tab? (For Profit)
    003.003.000 I'm Having A lot Of Fun (For Pleasure)
    003.004.000 We Have A Nice Table For You Right Over Here (For Fame)
    003.005.000 Write This One Down (For History)
    003.006.000 I've Seen The Light and It's Fluorescent (For Converts)

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