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Much Ado About Nothing 

  Title: Useless Marketing Strategy



Thoughtful consumers everywhere have been asking "Why isn't there Nothing rather than Something?" Until recently something was all there was to be desired. Not anymore. Useless Industries brings nothing to the world on a commercial scale that was previously unimaginable. 

We have to admit, even our own marketing people were dumbfounded. Why would anyone want something that (minus all the hoopla) they already implicitly have - i.e. nothing! "Ah, Correction!" we pointed out. "We create the desire for nothing, conveniently packaged and delivered at a price that is affordable. Now that's something." 

Useless Industries simply creates a demand for which there is an abundant supply and charges a minor value-added fee. The analysts agree, there's a future in nothing and, at least for now, the future is Useless.

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